Missouri Weather, Merry Christmas, and a Miracle.

I just returned from a wonderful evening at Silver Dollar City. The whole family hopped in the car and headed down to good ol’ Branson, MO for a night of lights, rollercoasters, and most importantly, hot wassail. My mom and I snuck off at one point and ate warm apple dumplings while my Dad, sister, and her friend Jenna rode the big rollercoasters.  The only odd thing about this outing is that it was 70 degrees here today! Can you believe it? 70 degrees on December 26th?! Welcome to Missouri, folks…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We did. I must say, however, I was relieved when Christmas Day finally rolled around. The days leading up to it were a bit crazy.. Tuesday afternoon, my  mom and I were getting our hair cut when I received a phone call from one of my roommates, Kayla, who was on her way to Springfield for Christmas. I answered the phone to hear screaming on the other end. At first, I thought she was just playing around, acting silly and overly excited that she was on her way to Springfield. Then, I heard a man’s voice through the phone line. Everything was kinda muffled, and all I could make out was, “…in front of the Best Western and Waffle House…” I tried to tell Kayla that I thought we were intercepting someone else’s phone call, but soon, the only voice I could her was the man’s, and I realized something else was going on here. While the screaming became more distant, the man became more clear and persistent:

“Ma’am, I’m here with your friend..She’s been in a terrible accident..We have her covered up…we’re in front of the Best Western and Waffle House…” 

At first, I didn’t know how to respond. That’s not exactly the phone call you want to receive two days before Christmas. 

“Where are you?’ I asked.

“We’re in front of the Best Western and Waffle House!”

“No! What city? I’m in Springfield…Where are you?” I was growing more anxious by the second.

“Rolla.” My heart sank. Rolla. That’s at least 2 hours away from me by the time I leave here. That’s at least 2 hours away from me seeing my precious and now injured friend. Shaking, I passed the phone off to my mom. She asked him what had happened. He told her that Kayla had been ejected from her vehicle and that he found her on the side of the road.

“How bad are her injuries?” She asked.

“Ma’am, I really don’t know…she’s banged up pretty bad.”

“Well, how bad is her car?” She continued, hoping to get some idea of the damage and her injuries.

“Oh, it’s totaled.”

My mom hung up the phone and we quickly hopped into the car, beginning what would be a 10-hour whirlwind of phone calls, ER visits, and prayer chains. After was seemed like days, we finally arrived in Rolla to find our dear Kayla bruised and bleeding, but okay. A flood of relief came over us when we saw her fully coherent and in one piece. Eventually, we were able to learn what had really happened…

On her way to Springfield, Kayla hit a patch of black ice, overcorrected, and spun out. After doing a few doughnuts in the middle of I-44, her car slammed into a ditch and flipped an undetermined amount of times. When the car finally stopped rolling, she lifted her head, cracking the windshield, and creating a gash that required both internal and external stitches. She then crawled out of her broken driver’s side window, called me, and laid down on the grass next to the road. Beyond the massive cut on her head, a few abrasions, and some neck pain, she managed to walk away pretty much unharmed. We’ve been calling her our little Christmas miracle.

My dad retrieved some of her belongings from her car and took a few pictures. It was dark and on a cell phone, so they’re not the best quality, but I think you’ll agree that Kayla’s quite the little miracle child after you see them.

Passenger side


Driver’s side. Check out the roof of her car, and pay attention to the amount of space (or lack thereof) between the steering wheel and the roof.


It’s pretty smashed, eh?


Needless to say, God had his hand in this. He definitely protected her, and although I’m sure it wouldn’t have been her choice to spend Christmas car-less and on muscle relaxers, we’re praying that He receives glory from it in every way possible. It’s just another subtle reminder that we are not invincible. We are not guaranteed another day. Praise Him for the day you’ve been given, make the most of every opportunity, and find joy, even in the heartache. He is a good God–Celebrate that today!!

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs 27:1


~ by Brittany Howard on December 27, 2008.

One Response to “Missouri Weather, Merry Christmas, and a Miracle.”

  1. Man! I didn’t even hear about any of this at all. After all this she still went to New York AND Colorado? My GOODNESS!!! I’m glad to hear that she’s doing better!

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