Things I learned in DisneyWorld

I am finally home after a few whirlwind weeks of travel! As you know, I headed home for the start of Christmas break, spent a few days there, and then hopped in my car and made the trek back to STL. Spent the night in STL, then woke up early for a solo drive out to Springfield, IL. where I had the opportunity to be a part of a tremendous event, Illinois Youth Encounter. While there, I got to meet a multitude of musicians, speakers, and altogether passionate people, each dedicating their days to furthering the Kingdom. I love opportunities like that! It is always so refreshing to be around people who are passionate about the cause of Christ! As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I played one of my original songs, “Never Walked Away.” The whole premise of the song is a call to not just go to church but to be the church. It speaks of never walking away from those who seem unlovable, unworthy, or unwilling because Jesus never walked away from us. There was a couple from Bulgaria at the conference who had brought with them a slide show of a group of Bulgarian orphans that they work closely with. While I sang, they played the slide show on the massive screens on either side of me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually see the slide show, but I heard it was a pretty powerful thing. And rumor has it that they may have video taped it…I’ll let you know when I find out.

After IYE, I headed back to STL for a few days- just enough time to unpack, do laundry, and repack before I climbed aboard a plane and made my way to Orlando, FL. My mom was attending a nursing conference in Orlando, and when my family was given the opportunity to tag along, you better believe we jumped right on it! Nobody in my family had ever been to DisneyWorld before, so it was quite and exciting experience for us all…here’s a few pics from our trip:




On Monday, we went to EPCOT. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance (Watch out for the  Storybook Lunch with the Princesses in Norway, though…).  It was such an incredible experience…and here’s why:

Although Disney is a materialistic, money-making mecca, there is something so beautiful and unique lying just beneath the surface. There is no other place on Earth where you will see so many cultures gathered together in the same place at the same time. As I walked the streets of Disney, particularly the towns of EPCOT, I was repeatedly reminded of how small I am and how BIG this world is. Each face I passed, each voice I heard, each sleeve I brushed was a living breathing human being who had a story to tell. By the end of the week, I found myself wishing I could engrain the face of each person deep into my memory. I wished that I could sit down and talk with them; removing all barriers of space, culture, language, and just listen to their story. As I sit here in my average life, on my familiar bed, surrounded by the things I know and love, I am reminded that I am just one person, one speck on the grand canvas on life. There are billions of faces, billions of heartbeats, billions of stories. Each individual and unique, and each longing for Truth. The weight of this presses in on me today. How can I make the  small moments of my day have a lasting impact? How can I make what seems like the most insignificant encounter be of any consequence? 

Slowly, I am stepping out of my box and immersing myself in this big, intimidating world.  I pray that I would not shy away from the unfamiliar, but rather approach it with great courage and compassion, ever learning how to serve. 

Jesus, let me feel the weight of the everyday moments in my life. Give me the courage to make them significant. Give me the compassion to see the world as you see it, to love as you love, to serve as you serve. 


~ by Brittany Howard on January 10, 2009.

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