So much to say

I have been a miserable blogger. I admit it. However, I am now officially on Spring Break, and am ready to catch y’all up on everything that’s been going on. So, without further ado…


Story::Song::Life launched 2 weeks ago and definitely exceeded our expectations. We spent all day moving chairs, rearranging furniture, setting up a cafe, displaying art, sound checking, praying, etc..It was a long day, but it was so good. And there is absolutely no way we could have done it without all of our friends and family who contributed to the event in countless ways. Thanks to…

  • Patti Endejan for making a  bajillion cookies
  • my roommates for running errands and helping to set everything up
  • Bry for bringing your artwork and Kyle for helping to set it up (not to mention the loads of chairs you moved)
  • David Ayres for running sound
  • Charlie Eaton for taking pictures
  • Ross for filming the evening
  • Brigette for vaccuuming every single ounce of seating in theDoxa
  • All the Jessicas (Petit, Perkins, Rodell) for running the table, standing at the door, printing off convo cards, etc…
  • Everyone else who helped out in any way..we seriously could not have done it without you guys. We are so grateful for your support of our ministry, and for demonstrating that support and encouragement that night through your willingness to serve. 

Here are some pictures from the evening:



Eric Bausell





The second installment of Story:Song:Life should be heading your way in the very near future. We’re always looking for new writers, artists, venues, etc.. So, if you fit any of those categories, we definitely want to hear from you! Our goal is to get as many people involved in this ministry as possible, regardless of what capacity. I believe that we have such a unique opportunity as artists to build relationships and bring people together that may have never met otherwise. We’ll be posting more pictures and such as they come in. You can check them out at the Story:Song:Life blog. Also, if you’re interested in getting involved in any way, send us an e-mail at We’re excited to see where God continues to lead in this ministry!

In other news…

I’m back in the studio! It’s been almost two years since I last released something, and I’m way excited to walk through this process again. God has been so faithful, always providing opportunities and opening doors for the recording process to transpire. I just finished laying down all of my scratch tracks and am going to start working on some pre-production stuff this weekend (on my long drive to chicago…more on that later). I can’t wait to really start working on these songs. I’m so excited to just take time and be creative, not to mention being able to work alongside some incredibly gifted people. Be praying for me and everyone involved..I’ll be sure to keep you updated in this process! 

Aside from recording, I’ve also been in the process of finding a new job. After finishing my job as a worship intern at Grace Church last semester, I began really praying about where I was supposed to serve next. I’ve been talking with a few churches and have not fully committed to any of them; however, I will be leading out at Fellowship at Weldon Springs for at least a little while. I love the people out at Fellowship and am excited to be able to serve alongside them, if even for just a season. I’m continuing to pray about where to fully commit to, but I believe that God will bring great clarity into this situation in His time. I’m excited to take that next step with Him!

At this point I must confess something- it is currently 7:16 pm. I started this entry at 9-ish this morning. I’m apparently a rrreeeaaalllyyy slow typer. Ha. Actually, I was sitting on the second first-round MBU ministry group auditions today. (Did you catch all that?) I’m excited to see how these groups take shape. We’ve seen a lot of potential in these students coupled with true hearts for service. It’s been really cool to hear their stories and to see their authentic desire for genuine worship. 

Alright, I suppose that’s enough for today. Oh wait, one more thing! I’m going to Chicago tomorrow! I’ve never been to Chicago before and am super excited!! Stay tuned for pictures! (On my new super sweet camera, nonetheless…) 🙂 Have a wonderful week!


~ by Brittany Howard on March 7, 2009.

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