Willing to change?

I’m sitting at home (in Springfield), the tv on, my sister in her bedroom, our kitten asleep next to me. It’s such a different world here. So different from St. Louis. And not in a bad way, just different. Sometimes I feel like I live in alternate realities–two separate worlds that occasionally merge. I love it though. The Lord has blessed me with a great family, who supports me and encourages me, despite my continual commute. And He has given me tremendous friends and a wonderful boyfriend who hold me accountable, keep me honest, and push me to pursue my dreams.  

I came across a compelling blog post today by Shaun Groves. It is immensely convicting for artists and industry members alike. He speaks to the fact that we have  created an industry of  artists who are failing to initiate and maintain relationships with those who are not artists. He says, “If the music industry dies it won’t be because everything changed.  It will be because artists didn’t. (Read the rest of the article here. )

Hm. A profound thought. What am I doing to initiate these relationships outside of my art? How do I demonstrate Christ’s impact on my life in more than just song? More than words? How do I show my family? My friends? Complete strangers? And in turn, how am I letting them affect my music? Am I wiling to change in order to better serve my world?


~ by Brittany Howard on May 21, 2009.

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