Meet My Friends

I want to introduce you to a few people. These people have become dear friends of mine, and I am blessed to be able to work alongside them. They are each gifted artists and writers who are making an impact for the Kingdom through their art. 

Harry Walls IV


Harry is a student at Missouri Baptist University, and I have had the immense privilege to serve alongside him in many ways. We met last year in SpiritWing, and have since become great friends. Harry currently serves as Worship Pastor at Gateway to Grace fellowship. Harry is a phenomenal writer and pianist, and I am daily encouraged by his heart for music and for ministry. He is married to a beautiful woman from New Mexico named Eva, and he has two precious daughters, Kahmylia and Brisa.

Christy Kelly


I actually initially met Christy through a very good friend and former Winger, Daniel Meyer, who just happens to be Christy’s brother. I had no idea how talented Christy was. Christy is a wonderful singer and an incredible writer. She truly understands what it means to see the world poetically and she communicates that so clearly in her music. Earlier this year, Christy won first place in her division at Write About Jesus, a songwriting competition, for her song “We Believe.” Christy is also a graduate of Missouri Baptist University, as well as a former SpiritWing-er. She is married to Matt and has an adorable daughter named Madeline.


Eric Bausell


Eric is actually a new friend of mine; however, he has known both Christy and Harry for several years. I met Eric via Harry on what turned out to be a monumental day for Story:Song:Life. Harry had to run over to Eric’s church to pick something up and while we were waiting in Eric’s office for him to return, I mentioned my idea of a writers-in-the-round concert and potential bigger ministry concepts to Harry. We started talking through it a little bit, trying to come up with people who could be a part of it. We talked about Christy, and then were like, “Who else could we ask?” Sitting next to us, on Eric’s desk, happened to be a flyer promoting an upcoming concert of Eric’s. “Oh yeah,” Harry said. “Eric’s a writer too.” When Eric came back into the room we ran the idea by him, and it all just seemed to click.

Although I haven’t known Eric for very long, I’ve known him long enough to know that he truly has a heart for the arts and for the people involved. His music is honest and has great depth and character. Each time I listen to him, I am challenged to be a better writer. Eric graduated from Webster University with a degree in Music Composition. He is currently serving as the Director of Worship Arts at West HIlls Community Church. Eric is married to Laura Lee and has a son named Cole.   

So…there you have it. These are the folks that I have been working with over the past few months. If it weren’t for these guys, my vision for Story:Song:Life would be nothing more than just that- a vision. But with their help,  I am seeing this come to fruition. Please, come join us in this. Come see our vision, hear our hearts, and share your story. We are excited about what God’s doing in this, and we want you to be a part of it too!



~ by Brittany Howard on February 11, 2009.

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